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Don’t Let Regret Get In Your Way!

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Hey Everyone!

I want to talk to you about regret. Every one of us is faced with regret in so many aspects of our lives; in so many ways.

We make mistakes as people – it is inevitable unfortunately and so often we beat ourselves up because of it. Sometimes we do things without thinking about it. Sometimes we do things because we thought about it too much. We make decisions based upon our circumstances and a lot of the time, we come to realize later on that the choice we made was not the best for the long run.  We wind up getting angry at ourselves and disappointed because we allowed ourselves to make such a poor decision and end up becoming stuck in that place of regret and anger and disappointment. We linger on the thoughts “what if I hadn’t done that?”, “what if I did this instead?”, “Why did I do that?”, “I Can’t believe I did that!”, “I wish I could change it!”

Unfortunately, no matter how much we think about it. No matter much we regret it. No matter how much time we remain focused on it. No matter how much of our physical and mental energies we put into it – we cannot change the past and we cannot undo what was done. We can ONLY move forward. We can only recognize and unfortunately accept (I know that is the last thing we like to hear) the mistake that we made and the circumstances we are in now as a result. 

Regret does us no good. It serves absolutely no purpose. It will ONLY prevent us from moving forward. It will keep us from succeeding and accomplishing our goals. The mistakes we make are setbacks. They might slow us down and set us back a little, which SUCKS!! Nobody wants to get setback. Nobody wants to lose progress. It’s extremely discouraging and it can really hit us hard. BUT, we CAN still recover from them and continue toward our ultimate goal. Regret however, can stop us dead in our tracks. 

Keep that in mind as you move along through life and in your fitness journey. Do your best to not linger on the mistakes you make along the way and just keep pushing forward. 



Alex Lind