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How To Build Muscle Effectively

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Hey Everyone!

I was recently featured in an article on TotalShape.com where I shared tips on how to build muscle and I wanted to share that advice with you here on my blog as well. So…here it goes!

My top 4 tips for building muscle are:

  1. Weight Training within the proper reps/set range: In order to induce muscle hypertrophy (growth), you need to work approximately 75% of the muscle. This is generally achieved by lifting weights heavy enough to allow for 8-10 reps. You want to do between 3-4 sets total.
  2. Keep protein consumption high: If you are looking to build muscle, you need to consume a sufficient amount protein which is typically 1-2 grams for every 1lbs of body weight for most people. That means if you are 180lbs, you should be consuming a MINIMUM of 180g of protein daily. 
  3. Support your muscles during and after training with proper supplementation: Make sure you are taking a good intra-workout and post-workout recovery drink. I feel that most people only take pre-workouts and often neglect intra and post workout drinks which are crucial.
  4. Avoid overtraining and get plenty of rest: Remember, your muscles need time to recover in order for them to grow. Try to get at least 48hours of rest in between resistance training for each muscle group. You are breaking down the muscle during your workout…it is during your rest/recovery that it is actually being repaired and GROWING.

Those are my top 4 Tips for building muscle! Keep at it everyone. You can view the full article I was featured in by following this link: https://totalshape.com/fitness/muscle-building-tips-28-trainers/